Spiral wall coffee and tea cups

10th May 2017

Introducing the latest in disposable paper cup technology: Spiral Wall Coffee and Tea Cups in Black/White Houndstooth, Red/White Picnic Print, and Mocha Pin Check. Mixing charming design with advanced insulation, these cups eliminate the need for cup sleeves, reduce waste in landfills, and improve the to-go coffee cup experience.

We offer a one size lid solution for our 8, 12, and 16 ounce cups for drink spill prevention and safe transport, as well as to reduce your inventory space requirements. Our 4 ounce Spiral Wall cups, perfect for espresso, mini- hot chocolate, or small portions of coffee and tea, are another great way to reduce the waste footprint with fewer materials used and decreased coffee waste.

Tea or coffee to-go is an important way to show your guests that you are willing to go the extra mile to serve them. Whether it be a hotel lobby beverage station or a corner cafe, having beautiful cups, coupled with a well-stocked area of lids, napkins, spoons, stirrers, and coffee carriers will show them you care.

For easy to grip, sturdy to hold, exquisitely designed cups for insulation and style, choose Restaurantware’s Spiral Wall Cups. We have you covered with coffee and tea supplies, supplies for cafes and bakeries, tableware, cutlery, cooking tools, and equipment for chefs and restaurants.