Spending Time With Chef Dominic Orisini

Posted by Tammy on 8th May 2014

Chef Dominic Orsini might have gotten many of his culinary skills and talents from Napa Valley and New York, but he says that his love for food comes from his grandmother. His grandmother married into an Italian family and spent most of her life proving to her sister-in-laws that she could cook just as good as the rest of them. Chef Dominic Orsini got his cooking philosophy from eating fresh homegrown strawberries, homemade gnocchi and other amazing culinary goodies during his childhood. He believes that “A meal should be a snapshot of a moment in time”. Chef Dominic Orsini, also says “It should reflect the weather, the time of day and the mood of the guests attending.”

Photo By: memphiswineandfoodseries.org

Chef Dominic Orsini is an absolutely fantastic modern day chef, but he is also a kind caring man who is part of many charity events. He developed a program and institute that focuses on educating children in the arts program. The goal is to help children with math, science and history. Chef Dominic just recently was an important part of an annual fundraiser known as the “Cooking up a Musical”. Chef Orsini lives in Napa with his wife and two sons.