Smooth and Creamy Vanilla Pudding Recipe – Great For Any Party Setting

Posted by Tammy on 3rd Sep 2014

This is a very tasty, smooth and creamy vanilla pudding recipe, it makes a fantastic amuse bouche creation. Everyone who takes a bite of this pudding will be delighted by such a pleasurable dessert, especially when you serve it up on beautiful Seagreen Stiletto Spoons.

stiletto spoon
Seagreen Stiletto Spoons are exquisite and can help you create the most amazing food presentation.

Smooth and Creamy Vanilla Pudding – This recipe serves about 8 people.


5 cups of Milks


1 cup of Sugar

6 Tablespoons of Cornstarch

4 egg yolks

2 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

2 Tablespoons of Butter

Directions: Put 4 cups of milk and the salt into a saucepan, then sprinkle the sugar onto the top of the milk – DO NOT STIR. Now, combine cornstarch with the remaining milk and add the eggs yolk into the cornstarch and milk mixture, mix well. Once the milk that you have the stovetop comes to a full boil, take the milk off the heat, then add in the cornstarch mixture (the pudding will now begin to thicken). Place mixture back on heat, cook for about 1 minute, then take it off the heat and add vanilla and butter, mix well. Place a scoop or two onto a gorgeous Seagreen Stiletto Spoon.  ENJOY!