Six Things You Can Do With Brown Bamboo Knotted Skewers

Posted by Tammy on 25th Sep 2014

Brown knotted skewers are made from premium bamboo thus they are durable, heavy duty tools that everyone should have in their kitchen. These skewers also are equipped with a natural look so you can use them in any type of environment. Matter of fact, there are a bunch of things you can do with brown knotted skewers so sit back, relax and read all about how you can use bamboo skewers.

brown knotted skewers
There are a ton of ways to use Brown Knotted Skewers, get them today and create some amazing food displays and craft items.

1. You can make fruit skewers, just place berries or chunks of your favorite on the skewers and serve with a yummy yogurt dip. Great for a quick dessert treat.

2. You can make veggie skewers, put raw or cooked vegetables on the skewers and serve with a tasty veggie dip. Great for a quick appetizer treat.

3. You can make a chicken finger recipe by cooking a skinless boneless chicken breast, then cutting it into small slices and threading each slice through a brown knotted skewer. Serve with a peanut, barbeque or your favorite dipping sauce.

4. You can use this on a cheese platter so all your guests can easily pick up their favorite cheese.

5. You can use brown knotted skewers as drink picks. These skewers add just the right amount of personality to any beverage, including mocktails and cocktails.

6. You can use them outside of your kitchen to make crafts and decorations.

There are a ton of ways you can use brown knotted skewers, all you really have to do is use your imagination, cooking and decorating talents along with brown knotted skewers and you can create the ultimate food display or craft item.