Shell Plates Aren’t Just For SeaShores

Posted by Tammy on 12th Dec 2012

Do you want a unique plate that you can use in your restaurant to serve up your appetizers and little sweet treats? If so, have you considered using shell plates from Restaurantware? I bet your thinking shell plates, aren’t they just for summer and the seashore? Well, guess what? The answer is no, the shell plates that I am referring to will look great in any type of restaurant during any time of year. In addition, you can easily serve in a successful manner anything including the lovely food that you see pictured here:

Homemade cookies
Your homemade cookies will look like pieces of art on a White Shell Plate.

Yes, cookies, nuts, candy and so much more will be simply magical when you put them on the top of angelic white shell plates. This is because these amazingly dynamic gems are beautiful and have a modern class of personality. Simply, take a look at the picture that is below and you can see the style and uniqueness that a shell plate has to offer you and your restaurant clientele.

Can't go wrong -shell plate
A unique shell plate that all Restaurant owners should be using everyday.

Can you see it? It should be clear that a white shell plate should be on every table in every restaurant in every city all across the nation. Restaurant owners simply can’t go wrong by using classy shell plates, for sure.