Set up your bar for success

17th Jul 2017

Set your bar up for success, with tools, equipment, and supplies from Restaurantware. From cocktail picks to luxury napkins, from elegant glassware and bottles, to ice trays and juice dispensers; Restaurantware has it all to stock and equip your bar.

Swing Top Bottles

Create, store, and serve infusions, fresh squeezed juices, and specialty liqueurs with resealable swing top bottles. Their classic appearance and timeless functionality will prove to be an invaluable fixture behind your bar. Crafted with artisan glass and an attached silicon seal, these attractive and durable bottles are easy to use for building craft cocktails, mixing liquid ingredients, and transporting pre-mixed cocktails to catering events.

Specialty Skewers

Building, styling, and serving craft cocktails requires flare, accoutrements, and garnishes. Skewers and bar picks play an important role in adding fruits, olives, garnish kabobs, and more to create the finishing touches for exotic, elaborate drinks.

Juice Dispensers

Gain easy access to juices, with stainless steel, stacking juice dispensers. Keep the fluids flowing, in the beverage assembly line with a simple flick of a switch. Optimize space and organize the cocktail-making process, with orange, cranberry, lemonade, and more.

Ice Trays

Better cocktails, require bigger rocks. Now available in logs, spheres, large cubes, and shot glasses. Restaurantware celebrates the love of superior ice. After the mixing, shaking, and muddling is done, choose the perfect shape of ice to complement the cocktail. Fine whiskeys, cordials, and liqueurs deserve specialty ice to slow down melting and to preserve flavor integrity.

Double Wall Glassware

Dazzle your bar guests and show off simple beverage orders like beer, sparkling wine, and 2-ingredient mixed drinks with Forma Double Wall glassware. Flowing lines, artisan glass, and modern designs will inspire not only the drinker, but also the drink maker.