Serving Trays For Self Catered Weddings

Posted by Tammy on 6th Mar 2015

Are you getting married soon? Do you plan to cater your own wedding reception? Catering your own reception can be fun, but you a task like this could get stressful, too. However, if you follow these few tips for self catered weddings, then you will ease the stress of catering your own special day.

First of all, stay organized. This includes making a list of all things you need to bring with you to the reception venue, this includes all the tableware that you will be using at the event. Don’t forget to list plates, bowls, cups and even the serving trays. Remember serving trays are a main part of the tableware selection because they will hold your yummy dessert cones.

acrylic cone stand
This acrylic cone stand makes a great serving tray for dessert cones.

Second, don’t try to take everything on yourself. It is best to find some volunteers to help make some of the food. There are always people out there willing to make up their own favorite treats for a wedding so don’t feel bad for asking for a little help. It is also a good idea to find people to set tables, put out food and mix up cocktails or your mocktails.

The third thing you should do is make a menu, include the food that your family and friends are making, then decide if you should make appetizers, main dishes or desserts. It is nice to include unique recipes that you can serve in unique ways like dessert cones in pretty cone stands.

display stand
These display stands are so pretty and work perfectly for weddings.

Another thing that you will need to do is purchase all your tableware from a reliable distributor. Many brides choose to get their tableware from Restaurantware because they offer high quality plates, bowls, cups, cones and a variety of serving trays. Plus, Restaurantware offers many different kinds of tableware, acrylic serving trays are among some of the most popular pieces brides are purchasing for their wedding day. However, you can choose from several trays, plates, bowls and other vessels.

Catering your own wedding can certainly be a fun endeavor, that is if you just take the time to prepare properly. Make lists, ask for a little help and purchase high quality durable tableware and your day is sure to be the happiest day of your life.