Seagreen Mini Kova Cups – Great For Creating Unique Desserts

Posted by Tammy on 2nd Sep 2014

It is so much fun to create mini desserts, especially when you see the eyes of a catering client light up because the dessert you have presented them has been prepared with your own creative talents. However, you might feel like it is slightly difficult to come up with new and inventive ways to create a unique dessert, but it really can be very easy, just try mixing and matching a few of the ingredients listed below and layering them in a classy seagreen mini cup.

mini kova cup
Classy Seagreen Mini Kova Cups are designed to help you create a unique dessert.

Ingredients that you can choose to use as your first layer:

Crumbled Oreo Cookies

Vanilla Wafers

Lady Fingers



Ingredients that you can choose to use as your second layer:



Ice Cream



Pie Filling

Ingredients that you can choose to use as your third and last layer:

Whipped Cream, Ganache Or a Form of A Creamy Cheese (like cottage cheese).

You can also add a little garnish on top of your last layer:

Try using cookie crumbles, crushed nuts, berries, or a herb (like basil or mint).

So go ahead, use some of these ingredients, your imagination and a seagreen mini cup to create the perfect unique dessert any time of year. Hope this helps you the next time you have difficulty coming up with a delicious culinary treat.