Scrumptious Serving in Seagreen

24th Jul 2017

Every caterer knows that despite the benefits of using reusable, permanent tableware, but some events require disposable, temporary tableware options. In such cases, it is important to be extra mindful of food presentation, plating, and picking portion sizes. Create a continuous flow from appetizers all the way through to desserts and after dinner drinks, by using disposable pieces from the same collection or of the same color. This will provide thematic structure and will help you inspire confidence in your guests.

More than sticking to the color theme, it is important to choose disposable tableware with character, class, and quality. Choose disposable plates and bowls that will accentuate the cuisine, but that will also look good before they are in use. A quality catering service serves on quality tableware, and while you might not get many comments on the specific benefits of using attractive, durable tableware, you certainly will if your tableware does not perform.

Ceviche, salads, and risottos present beautifully in a small Kova bowls. For casseroles, meats, and vegetables, a flat Aqua plate looks elegant and substantial. Small bites or complex amuse bouche offerings deserve more elaborate designs like a Stiletto Tasting spoon or a Triangolo plate. And everyone loves mini desserts served in shot glasses.

Capturing the subtle essence of summer for a successful soiree requires special attention to detail. As you cater to, serve, and entertain guests, careful concern for continuity should be a top priority. Restaurantware’s Seagreen Collection offers a variety of elegant designs in mild green transparent plastic for all your beverage, appetizer, and small plate needs.