Scotch Eggs Look Amazing In Mini Bowls – Recipe Included

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 14th Mar 2015

Scotch eggs make delicious party food, it seems everyone loves eating these yummy treats. In addition, you can whip them up fairly quickly, which means you will have more time to spend with your party guests.

Scotch eggs have their own unique look, but you can enhance that uniqueness by serving them in charming bamboo Coupelle dishes. These modern and chic dishes are known for their ability to amp up food displays and tablescapes. In addition, these dishes offer a natural beauty to any kind of food setting so you can use them any time you need a mini bowl for serving your culinary treats.

bamboo coupelle
These bamboo Coupelle dishes are perfect for appetizers, desserts and more.

Tasty Scotch Egg Recipe:

Ingredients you will need for recipe:

1 quart of frying oil, vegetable or canola oil works best

8 cups of bread crumbs, you can buy them or make your own, just make sure they are dried bread crumbs

2 cups of flour, use all purpose flour

8 beaten eggs

4 pounds of pork sausage

8 eggs


Heat oven to 350 degrees, Heat oil up in your fryer til it reaches 375 degrees.

Put eggs in a large saucepan, then fill pan with water, making sure eggs are just covered by the water. Bring to water to a boil, put cover on pan and remove from heat.

Let the eggs sit in the hot water for about 10-12 minutes. Now, take eggs out of the water, cool and peel.

Flatten out sausage, making patties, then wrap the patties around each eggs, roll egg covered sausage in flour, eggs and bread crumbs.

Put eggs in oil and fry until golden brown, after eggs cook in fryer, put them on a baking sheet and bake for about ten minutes.

Now, take eggs and serve on a charming Bamboo Coupelle dish.

You can also slice the eggs in half, then serve them in a unique mini bowl that you can easily find at Restaurantware. They offer many unique modern mini dishes that work perfectly for serving tasty scotch eggs and other types of culinary treats.