Round Veneer Bamboo Plates – Perfect For Catering Events

Posted by Tammy on 21st Sep 2014

Every catering event needs tableware, right? However, sometimes it is hard to find tableware that a person can use in both upscale and casual events. This is because there are so many types of tableware on the market. These days you can purchase wood, paper, china, glass and bamboo tableware. The one thing you should know is bamboo tableware is fast becoming the tableware that many caterers are choosing and using at casual and upscale catering functions.

round veneer plates
There are so many great reasons to use round veneer plates, try them today.

Round 10.8 inch Veneer Bamboo Plates are heavy duty plates that you can depend on to safely and securely hold your culinary treats. A person can pack up these plates and easily carry them around in any kind of food environment, indoors and outdoors.

Bamboo tableware is affordable, which means anyone who is on a budget or just wants to watch their money can benefit from using this type of tableware.

Veneer Bamboo Plates offer a sophisticated and classy element to upscale food functions. However, they are also perfect for casual gatherings, as well.

10.8 inch Round Veneer Bamboo Plates can be used as dinner plates, but they also make great serving trays. You can even place several cookies or small sized appetizers on them and have your servers carry them around a party. This way your guests can have a small culinary treat while they wait for the meal to be served to them.

There are so many reasons to use bamboo tableware so the next time you are searching for the perfect catering tableware be sure to get your hands on some high quality Restaurantware bamboo products.