Restaurantware’s Interview with Eric Klein

Posted by Catering Supplier on 1st Oct 2013

Spago Las Vegas Executive Chef 2013

Chef Klein’s Current position:

Executive Chef at Spago Las Vegas since 2007

Wolfgang Puck’s California-inspired restaurant at the Forum Shops at Caesars


Restaurantware Interviewer:  You have been at Spago for many years, how do you keep the freshness alive?

Chef Klein: I’m always evolving and looking at things differently. The secret is to push yourself every day to think differently.


Restaurantware Interviewer: On the topic of freshness, as we head into Fall, what seasonal additions are you most excited to add to the Spago menu?

Chef Klein: I’m changing the menu today actually. It’s still hot here in Vegas but we are transitioning already and heading into Fall. Other parts of the county are still highlighting corn and tomatoes but we’re working with pears, figs, and apples which are fantastic right now.  The great thing is we can source very seasonal and organic foods at Spago. We have a strong relationship with local producers and farmers markets in LA.


Restaurantware Interviewer: Restaurantware is based in Chicago, a city that couldn’t be more different from Vegas. How does the unique Vegas environment impact your creative process at Spago?

Chef Klein: Spago is a very unique restaurant because we cater to such a diverse population of America. We cook food with a lot of soul and technique, and it’s always challenging to create dishes for our large audience of travelers and locals. But it’s my job to find what people enjoy and push the boundary while respecting the tradition and legacy of our 20 year old restaurant.


Restaurantware Interviewer: Restaurantware has a commitment to eco-friendly product, how do environmental concerns play into what you do at Spago?

Chef Klein: Environmental considerations are very important to us at Spago, we think globally and act locally. In the past, we’ve recycled the Restaurantware bamboo spoons and donated them to shelters for example. Honoring environmental commitments and our responsibility to the community is a daily effort.


Restaurantware Interviewer: We believe that eating happens with the eyes as well as the mouth, what inspires you while you’re plating?

Chef Klein: It depends on what sort of event you’re doing, you always have to think of your guest and how people eat. It’s important to be methodic.


Restaurantware Interviewer: What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

Chef Klein: I recently went to a little Italian restaurant in LA owned by a former staff member, called Bucato. I ordered classic pasta, it was simple and clean.