Restaurantware the Leader in Disposable and Reusable Tableware.

Posted by Tammy on 16th Jul 2014

Restaurantware is the leader in disposable and reusable tableware. We focus on offering only top quality products that are designed to meet the needs of every chef, caterer or event planner. Our product line is constantly evolving and contains top-of-the-line biodegradable, recyclable and reusable products, which means you can always find exactly what you need when you visit us here at

Restaurantware offers top-of-the-line catering supplies.

Our biodegradable products include plates, cups, bowls and flatware, all of our biodegradable products have their own unique style and design. Plus, they are all crafted from the premium materials which include: the finest bamboo, high quality pinewood and carefully selected poplar and birch wood. In addition, all of the fine material that  is used to craft our biodegradable products is sourced from sustainable reserves throughout the world.

Our recyclable products are made from high grade plastic, they are offered to you in a wide range of flatware, tableware and smallware options. Plus, our dynamic recyclable products come in a wide-range of colors, sizes, shapes and styles, all made perfectly to meet the needs of today’s chefs, caterers and party planners.

Our reusable products are created from premium porcelain, they come in a variety of different shapes and styles. Plus, our exquisite porcelain products have been designed specifically for amuse bouche creations, dipping sauces, mini appetizer and mini desserts.

Restaurantware is sure to have exactly what you need when it comes to creating the ultimate dining experience for your clients, guests and customers. So, visit us now to find all your recyclable, reusable, disposable and biodegradable catering and party supplies.