Posted by Tammy on 15th Apr 2014

Current Position: Owner of FIXX Chocolates

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Chef Nicole Coady
Chef Nicole Coady

Restaurantware Interviewer: Explain your food philosophy in 10 words or fewer.

Chef Nicole Coady: Life is too short to not enjoy the best so use the best!

Restaurantware Interviewer: What is you most unique attribute as a food professional?

Chef Nicole Coady: I would say having grown up with family farms. I grew up tasting foods picked from a garden at their ripest. Tomatoes are so disappointing now. All ingredients add flavor and texture so should be used with a purpose which I don’t believe should be just for color.

Restaurantware Interviewer: Explain the most innovative event you’ve thrown or dish you’ve created.

Chef Nicole Coady: I’m not sure about the most innovative as I believe most things come around again and again but I did enjoy my white mousse with hazelnut financier and pickled fruits. Pineapple and anise, mango and cloves, pears and cinnamon, and just blueberries all pickled separately and served with the white mousse was an amazing contrast of flavors. One of my other favorites would be my candied olives. My grandmothers made these when I was little along with chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips. My grandmothers were amazing cooks and were always experimenting. I think each new generation add their own to the mix.

Restaurantware Interviewer: What is the most underrated kitchen product or food item?

Chef Nicole Coady: As a pastry chef, I would say salt but it’s making a come back. I’m not a fan of overly sweet items or the over the top rich and decadent.

Restaurantware Interviewer: How do ecofriendly considerations enter your decision making process as a chef or caterer? (i.e. sourcing local food, using ecofriendly products, etc.)

Chef Nicole Coady: As a small business owner, I’m trying hard to support other small business and the local folks are obviously closer to home. As often as possible, I’m trying not to add to the negatives already bombarding mother nature.

Restaurantware Interviewer: Restaurantware is about providing a stylish presentation for food, explain your approach to plating and tablescapes.

Chef Nicole Coady: I don’t really plate too often now. When I did, I always preferred white space on the plate for contrast. It’s true the guest eats with their eyes first so design presentation is extremely important whether the plate design or package design. It starts with the eyes, ears, nose and then continues with tasting and the feel. You get anyone to taste with the first few but they come back because of the last.

Restaurantware Interviewer: List one tip that you would give to a DIY entertainer or at home cook who might need some professional inspiration to take a gathering to the next level.

Chef Nicole Coady: Plan your menu so you have as many items prepped in advance as possible. There is always the item that needs the a la minute execution but planning is the key. Whoever is at the gathering wants to enjoy your company as well as your food. The other tip would be to keep it simple and use the highest quality ingredients. The highest quality doesn’t need too many extras added. It already has amazing flavor and the extra will just cloud the dish.

Restaurantware Interviewer: What is the BEST thing you’ve eaten recently?

Chef Nicole Coady: Selfishly, it would be nikki’s fixx chocolate bar with Peeper Ale from Maine Brewing Company.   Chef Nicole Coady: