Posted by Jamil on 6th Feb 2014

Current Position: The One & Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

Company Affiliation: Executive Pastry Chef



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RestaurantWare Interviewer: Explain your food philosophy in 10 or fewer words.

Chef Betancourt: French background is my backbone, along with Latin & Caribbean combinations with molecular flair

RestaurantWare Interviewer: What is your most unique attribute as a food professional?

Chef Betancourt: I never want to be repetitive and boring.  I strive to always create new things and develop new recipes.


RestaurantWare Interviewer:   Explain the most innovative dish you’ve ever created.

Chef Betancourt: I love remaking very classic desserts such as Sacher, Pavlova or Tiramisu but adding my own unique twist and personal touch to it which usually includes Caribbean flavors.

RestaurantWare Interviewer:   What is the most underrated kitchen product or food item?

Chef Betancourt: Believe it or not, as a Pastry Chef,  you don’t get to see much liquors.

RestaurantWare Interviewer:   How do ecofriendly considerations enter your decision making process as a chef?

Chef Betancourt: As much as possible, but our Island location presents some limitations. I definitely import in RestaurantWare bamboo products whenever events arise!

RestaurantWare Interviewer:   RestaurantWare is about providing a stylish presentation for food, explain your approach to plating and tablescapes.

Chef Betancourt: My plating style is inspiration driven – it could be from architecture, nature, or individual senses like smells.  Being on Paradise Island, it is hard not to draw inspiration from the pristine white sand beach and crystal turquoise water in my “backyard” at One&Only Ocean Club.   I also really try to have clean lines and use as much color as possible.


RestaurantWare Interviewer:  What’s the top tip that you would give to a DIY entertainer or at home chef who might need some professional inspiration to take a gathering to the next level.

Chef Betancourt: Keep it simple but don’t be afraid to try new ingredients.  This is what my mentors always told me.

RestaurantWare Interviewer:   What is the BEST thing you’ve eaten recently?

Chef Betancourt: I enjoy eating elaborate food as well as very simple comfort food.  For instance, I recently vacationed in Napa Valley and experienced The French Laundry for the first time.  I had the best demi-glace, foie gras dish I have ever taste in my life!  In addition, cannot stop eating Nassau’s Native Conch Salad.  It is a simple dish with an explosive amount of citrus flavors and textures.

 -By RestaurantWare’s CMO Jamil Bouchareb, follow the RestaurantWare brand on Twitter: @bambooware