Refreshing Melon Ball Appetizer Recipe – Great For Cocktail Parties

Posted by Tammy on 30th Oct 2014

Are you preparing to throw a cocktail party for the upcoming holidays? If so, here is a great melon ball appetizer recipe that all your guests are sure to love and enjoy. Serve this tasty treat up in black incline bowls and create a party treat that everyone will remember for a very long time.

Black incline bowls make fantastic vessels for appetizers, desserts and much more. Order them today and use them at your next cocktail party, family gathering or in your restaurant.

black incline bowls
Black Incline Bowls make amazing party tableware.

Refreshing Melon Ball Appetizer Recipe:


About 7-8 cups of melon balls

1 small sized watermelon (seedless watermelon work best in this recipe)

1 cantaloupe

1 honey dew

1 cup of pineapple juice

1 cup of your favorite fruit flavored vodka

1/2 cup of triple sec


Cut your honeydew and cantaloupe in half, then take the seeds out of them. Now, use a melon baller or a ice cream scooper and scoop balls out of you watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe. Put balls in a large container.

Pour pineapple juice over the balls, then pour in vodka and triple sec. Now, toss liquids and balls together, try to make sure all the balls are submerged in the liquid.

Place in freezer and freeze until balls are partially frozen. However, if you don’t want your balls partially frozen, then just put them in your fridge until they become chilled, then pull them out and put the balls on attractive skewers, stand skewers up in black incline bowls and serve at your cocktail party. Enjoy.