Quick And Easy Centerpiece Ideas For Any Occasion

Posted by Tammy on 14th Sep 2014

Are you running short on time? Do you need to come up with an amazing centerpiece? If you have found yourself running short on time, but still need to come up with an amazing centerpiece for your party here are two great centerpieces that will only take you minutes to create thus your problem will be solved.

Oblong Bamboo Cone Stand

oblong cone stand
Oblong Cone Stand can hold up to 20 medium or large food cones.

Fill up several bamboo cones with chunks of fruit, crackers or gourmet popcorn, then place the cones in a durable oblong bamboo cone stand. These stands have a unique and natural look and a contemporary design. They add a depth of character to any party setting, enhance the charm of any tabletop and add a modern flair to any food setting. Oblong bamboo cone stands are equipped with 20 slots so if you are hosting a big party make sure you purchase several stands so you have enough to use on all your tables.

Bamboo Cone Stand

bamboo cone stand
Bamboo Cone Stands make perfect party centerpieces.

Fill up several food cones with mint candies, caramel popcorn or delectable homemade cheesy bread sticks, then put the cones in an adorable bamboo cone stand. These modern day centerpieces can add just the right element to any type of party or catering setting. They are durable, classy and make beautiful centerpieces. This stand is equipped with 36 slots so it can hold a lot of food cones.

Both of these cone stands make perfect centerpieces and can be used in any type of party, catering or restaurant setting. They can help you create a unique modernized food presentation, try them out today.