Questions and Answers Regarding Bamboo Cups

Posted by Tammy on 1st Mar 2014

Many people have been asking questions regarding bamboo cups so below you will find the answers to frequently asked bamboo cup questions.

medium bamboo cups
Medium Bamboo Cups will help you build an awesome food presentation.

Question #1. Are there different size bamboo cups?

Answer –  Yes, we offer medium and mini bamboo cups. Medium cups measure 2.5 inches in length x 2.5 inches in height x 2.5 inches in width. Mini cups measure 1.5 inches in length x 1.5 inches in height x 1.5 inches in width.

Question #2. What are the ounce size of bamboo cups?

Answer –  Medium cups hold 5 ounces and mini cups hold 2 ounces.

Question #3. Can I put liquid in bamboo cups?

Answer –  Sorry, no you can not put liquid substances in bamboo cups, they are only meant to hold dry foods.

Question #4. Are bamboo cups eco-friendly?

Answer – Yes, these cups are made of sustainable bamboo, which makes them eco-friendly.

Question # 5. Are bamboo cups durable?

Answer – Yes, the bamboo material that is used to create these cups is very strong, which makes these cups very durable.

Question #6. Do you know if bamboo cups have ever been used at weddings?

Answer – Many caterers and chefs use these cups for upscale and casual events, including weddings and backyard food gatherings.

mini bamboo cups
Mini Bamboo Cups are look amazing in any kind of food event.

Hopefully, any question that you had about bamboo cups got answered above, these cups are versatile, heavy duty and add a unique charm to any type of food environment.