Pros of Using Plastic Cutlery for Catering

Posted by Tammy on 27th Jan 2015

If you own a restaurant or catering company than you probably know that there are many types of cutlery on the market, but did you know that plastic cutlery is becoming more and more popular everyday. It is true, many people in the food industry are choosing plastic over other types of cutlery.

teardrop spoon
Look at the beauty this spoon can offer your restaurant setting.

Some of the pros of using plastic cutlery in restaurants and at catering events are:

1. Plastic cutlery is inexpensive so restaurants, caterers and home party hosts can save money by using this type of cutlery. We all love to save money, right?

2. Restaurantware’s plastic cutlery is made from premium plastic thus it is durable and sturdy. There is nothing better than giving your guests cutlery that doesn’t break or crack, don’t you agree?

3. Plastic cutlery is lightweight, this means it is easy to transport and easy to use. How cool is that?

4. You can choose to clean or dispose of your plastic cutlery. Of course, this makes clean up a whole lot easier, which means when you have to waste hours cleaning up after a big catering event.

5. Plastic cutlery comes in a variety of designs and styles so you can find spoons, forks and knives that work perfectly in your type of food setting.

plastic cutlery
There are truly so many pros in regard to using plastic cutlery.

There many other pros to using plastic cutlery, but the main reason why so many people are switching to this type of cutlery is affordability, durability and sustainability. You can’t beat those qualities, can you? Why not, try out Restaurantware’s plastic cutlery and reap the benefits of using this precious cutlery.