Potato Pancake Served On Mini Modern Plates – Great Party Appetizer

Posted by Tammy on 5th Oct 2014

This potato pancake is tasty and easy to make, plus, it makes a great party appetizer. Serve this delicious treat up on mini modern white plates to create an appetizer fit for a king or queen.

white mini plates
Any party appetizer will look amazing served up on white mini modern plates.

Easy Potato Pancake Recipe – (makes 48 pancakes)


3 pounds of potatoes

6 Tablespoons of green garlic (you can also use leeks) (chop your garlic up)

4 Tablespoons of chives (chopped)

1 teaspoons of salt vegetable oil

48 flat leaf parsley leaves


Using a box grater or Microplane grate potatoes (some people place the grated potatoes in a cheesecloth, then squeeze as much water as they can out of them). However, you don’t necessarily have to do this, but it can help the pancake stay together.Put potatoes in a bowl, add garlic, chives and salt, then form into patties.

Now, heat oil in a skillet, once oil is heated place patties in the oil, then fry until potato patty is golden brown, turn patty over and fry that side until it is golden brown, take out of pan and place on a plate that you have already covered with paper towels.

Once patties have rested on plate, place them on a very attractive white mini modern plate and serve to your party guests.

Here is a great dipping sauce for your potato pancakes:

6 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons of Rice Vinegar 1 teaspoon of Sugar

Directions: mix these ingredients in a bowl until well incorporated.