Top 10 Luxurious Foods

Top 10 Luxurious Foods

Many food connoisseurs will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the most exotic, delicious, and extravagant dishes. Even if that means paying a small fortune. Some of the most luxurious foods are divine creations by top chefs. Other foods make the list just by their rarity and demand.

Below is a collection of the top 10 most luxurious and elegant foods from around the world:

10) Kobe beef ($800 per lb)

This precious beef has been in the public eye as one of the most luxurious meats for years. Due to its popularity, Kobe beef is more available to the public than ever before. However, when visiting its roots in Japan, these burgers and steaks will still cost you a small fortune. This succulent, marbled Wagyu beef will certainly delight your tastebuds, but definitely not your bank account.

9) Ass Cheese/pule (approx. $1,000 per kg)

As one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, Ass Cheese (aka pule) is made on a Serbian farm. In a similar process for cow or goat cheese, donkey milk is transformed into a succulent treat. Ass cheese is said to have a very strong and powerful taste with an aftertaste similar to parmesan. This cheese is unique, and the price definitely reflects that.

8) Japanese Matsutake Mushroom (approx. $2,000 per kg)

These Japanese mushrooms are a staple in the local cuisine. However, these mushrooms are very difficult to farm and harvest so there is not an abundance. The most expensive Matsutake mushrooms are grown and harvested at the beginning of the season. These high-demand mushrooms have a special spicy flavor, which adds a unique twist to certain cherished dishes.

7) Macallan 55-year-old Single Malt Whisky ($4,000 per taste)

The Skyview Bar in Dubai serves one of the most expensive (and delicious) whiskies available. The age of these malt whisky only adds to the one-of-a-kind flavor. This is one of the most expensive drinks one can use to impress their date at the Burj Al Arab.

6) Black Densuke Watermelons (up to $5,500 per melon)

Black watermelons are expensive because they are very rare around the world. Like many other pricey exotic foods, these are primarily found off the Japanese coast. Not only is the existence of this watermelon uncommon, but it is also very hard to harvest. However, when this is grown right, they can have a stronger and sweeter aroma than regular watermelons.

5) Beluga caviar, valued at (approx. $8,500 per kg on average)

As one of the most expensive caviars in the world, it’s no surprise that Beluga caviar appears on this list. These eggs differ from other eggs not only in their color, but also in their size. Beluga caviar has a purple color that can look black in many instances. The lighter the color, the more expensive the caviar. Additionally, Beluga caviar is much bigger than other varieties.

4) Saffron (approx. $1,000-$11,000 per kg)

Saffron is easily the most expensive spice in the world. Harvesting Saffron is very particular — each individual strand must be hand picked and it takes thousands to supply an ounce. There are many uses for Saffron from flavoring delicate dishes to coloring vibrant foods. Top chefs around the world love getting their hands on this spice to give their dishes extra character.

3) Yubari King Melons (first flawless melons can go for as much as $20,000)

Another fruit tops our most luxurious foods list for the auction price of one of the most perfect Yubari King Melons. During an auction featuring these magnificent fruits in 2008, a woman purchased the favorited melon for approximately $23,000. Yubari King Melons are known for their irresistible sweetness and flavor.

2) Italian White Alba Truffle (rarest can go for approx. $50,000 per kg)

Truffles in general are very rare and deemed a delicacy. The Italian White Alba Truffles are among the most unique and most expensive in the family. These truffles have a very particular taste and chefs handle them with high caution due to their market value. Truffles are so unique that their taste can’t really be duplicated, so if you want to experience these delicacy, then you will have to pay the price.

1) Edible gold leaf (anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per kg)

Many dishes across the world top luxury lists and showcase these beautiful edible gold leaves. These decorations are the ultimate statement in class and elegance. Gold is edible, but it does not provide any essential nutrition. This flashy and classy decoration is a high priority item at special events and upscale holiday parties. Serendipity-3, a popular restaurant in New York, is the most expensive dessert and is topped with decadent gold leaves.

Top 10 Luxurious Foods