Superbowl Sunday is fast approaching. The day for football, friends, family and parties is almost here. So, get ready now with these fun Superbowl food facts that you can share with the guests at your Superbowl bash.

stadium made of food
David De Bacco / CookinWithMama6

First of all, did you know that more food consumed during the Superbowl than any other day of the year? Just take a look at an average Superbowl food spread and you can clearly see that eating on this special Sunday is an exciting endeavor.

Your second food fact is the average Superbowl watcher will consume 1200 calories eating snacks during this game day.
Your third Superbowl fun fact is 14,500 tons of chips will be eaten on Superbowl Sunday. That is a whole lot of chips.

Your fourth fun Superbowl fact is it is estimated that 90 million chicken wings will be consumed.

chicken wings are tasty
Superbowl Sunday is one of the greatest days of the year so let’s lift up a beer and toast to the Superbowl. Don’t go yet, that reminds me about one other fun Superbowl fact.

Many experts say that 51.7 million cases of beer will be sold on the week of Superbowl Sunday, now that is a lot of beer. In addition, Superbowl is known as the 8th biggest beer day of the year.

Now, you have some talking points for the game. Enjoy.

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