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Posted by Samuele Visentini on 5th Jan 2016

Pop-up restaurants may be temporary, but they have a lasting impact

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More and more cities across the nation are seeing a rise in pop-up restaurants. These temporary events attract diners of all sorts with their unique experiences, specialty cuisines, or guest stars. Pop-up restaurants are a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind trend here to stay.

Pop-up restaurants resemble workshops for the culinary field. The chefs who run these creative events focus on one particular theme, food, or practice and introduce these ideas to their diners. From San Francisco to New York City, adventurous foodies have ever-changing choices for weekend dinners. Pop-up restaurants are a great fit for diners of all ages depending on the theme. They give customers an experience they may never be able to have otherwise.

Many say that pop-up restaurants stemmed from old-fashioned supper clubs, culinary gems in Midwest rural towns. These clubs featured uncomplicated menus with full-course meals lasting all night. These clubs were singular events hosted at a variety of venues, so aspiring restaurateurs can run a supper club to practice and get a feel for running a restaurant without the stress of owning a full-time business. Supper clubs and pop-up restaurants both turn meals into adventures.

Pop-up restaurants are also very similar in the way of running a restaurant, but without the commitment. This helps individuals test the waters before taking the plunge and opening a full-throttle restaurant. However, these temporary establishments not only attract potential restaurant owners, but they also appeal to food industry veterans.

Running these events gives chefs the opportunity to dive into a new specialty or style. This also allows travelling chefs to introduce their dishes to another city. Pop-up restaurants also allow veteran chefs to satisfy their creative side. They allow chefs to try out new specialty cuisine or create a surprising atmosphere for customers to dine.  Pop-up restaurants also allow full-time chefs to hone their cooking craft in a different setting. Thus, it is a refreshing escape from their everyday restaurant.

Additionally, they are a great way to peek public interest, which helps promote your current full-time establishment or your culinary craft. This is a unique marketing tactic that will set you apart from other chefs in the area. Your current customers will love the community feel you create when hosting an event and you will be surprised by how many new diners attend. Planning pop-up restaurants is a new and exciting way to advertise and is greatly more effective than regular email ads.

Not all pop-up restaurants look the same. Some focus on a visionary experience such as eating in the dark. Others are based on ethnic cuisine or a specific way to eat. A great way to start a pop-up restaurant is to focus on a specific theme, such as Thanksgiving or chocolate. Use the venue to explore the theme in depth and to offer a different perception. Thus, pop-up restaurants are very flexible and leave a lot of room for creativity.

Commonly, pop-up restaurants are stationed inside fully running establishments either in a specific part or at a certain time of day. This brings attention and traffic to both restaurants and saves the pop-up coordinator’s time in finding a venue. This is very popular in restaurants that are only open for dinner that can also be a pop-up restaurant in the morning, as an example. This gets the most use out of a space for minimal cost.

For the more daring connoisseurs, pop-up restaurants can exist anywhere. While some chefs like to provide a new experience through flavors, others want to take their diners on a whole new ride. Pop-up restaurants can exist anywhere from antique trains to the rooftops of modern buildings. These temporary events are held almost everywhere. There is even a pop-up restaurant, Dinner in the Sky in Brussels, Belgium, held on a dinner table held in the air by a crane. This restaurant gets customers’ hearts racing while satisfying their appetite with a delicious, gourmet meal.

Although pop-up restaurants are made to be temporary, there is no minimum or maximum time they have to last. The duration of the pop-up restaurant is completely up to the coordinator. Some of the most successful pop-up restaurants only last a few hours. It doesn’t matter if they last half a day or half a year. The experience with the food and setting is what really drives the success of pop-up restaurants.

Just as with any foodservice or hospitality establishment, customer service and satisfaction are number one priorities in pop-up restaurants. Customers keep the event running for as little or long as possible. Meeting customer’s expectations is key to building your pop-up restaurant’s reputation. With positive notoriety, you could set up for your next pop-up restaurant or gain new customers in your daily business. Advertising on social media and through your regular marketing outlets is also crucial for pop-up restaurants. How else would customers know of a great event that’s not usually there?

Pop-up restaurants are a fun escape for customers and chefs alike. They can also be useful and innovative tools in marketing. Customers will love the unique ideas that come forth in pop-up restaurants. If you’re looking for a great way to peek customer interest in your cooking, then designing your own temporary event is the answer for you. No matter where your passion lies, you could easily run a pop-up restaurant to reflect your interests as a culinary artist.