Pool Party Time – Don’t Forget The Mini Martini Glasses

Posted by Tammy on 10th Mar 2014

Don’t you think now is a great time to throw a pool party? Of coarse it is. Why not throw a party and not just an ordinary pool party, but an extraordinary pool party. Are you getting excited now? Think about how much fun you and your friends will have at your party, especially if you serve some amazing refreshing cocktails.

Here is a refreshing cocktail that will keep the fun rolling during your party. It is best to serve this in lovely modern Mini Martini Glasses.

The Refreshing Blackthorn (recipe is for three drinks)


Mini Martini Glasses

6 ounces of Michael Collins Blended Irish Whiskey

3 ounces of sweet Vermouth

A few dashes of Angostura Bitters

A dash or two of Absinthe


Put all the ingredients in a tall mixing glass, then stir them up thoroughly. Now, pour the drink mixture in a fascinating Mini Martini Glass. Serve.

It is definitely a good time to have a pool party. It is surely a great time to enjoy good friends, great food and a refreshing cocktail serve up perfectly in a mini martini glass. Don’t you agree?