Polls Reveal Preference For Paper

19th Jul 2017

Fine dining requires reusable, cloth linens, right? With the onset of gourmet pop-up restaurants, the fickle preferences of millennials and Gen Z, and the growing desire for new-age informal dining options, not necessarily. What once was a formal mahogany table with a white tablecloth, reusable cotton napkins, candles, and a penguin clad server, has morphed into an array of alternative dining scenarios.

Reusable, cotton or linen napkins, tablecloths, and placemats are not viable options for every business. Laundry facilities might not be readily available, yearly energy, water, and labor resources required for regular laundry are costly, and maintaining pristine linens proves nearly impossible for casual, fast, and messy dining environments. Diverse disposable options for napkins and placemats are available, but not all paper products are created equal. And your choice will not go unnoticed.

Paper Placemats bring color and design to the table making it more inviting and approachable. Organizing cups, tableware, utensils, and napkins around the placemat creates order and a uniform standard for staff who repeatedly set tables. Single use placemats also instill confidence in your customers that the dining space is sanitary and food ready.

Paper napkins are convenient and practical for many businesses in the foodservice industry. Simplify, table setting and clean up, by avoiding the need to remove lipstick, food, and drink stains from reusable cloth napkins. Just because napkins are disposable, does not mean they cannot be luxurious. Creative designs like kangaroo style, allow for multi-function and improve table presentation. Combining utensils and napkins for a complete, convenient setup may prove beneficial for streamlining serving processes.

Find beautiful, premium napkins, placemats, grease-proof food cones, paper serving pieces, and more in Restaurantware’s Premium Paper Collection. Innovative, elegant designs coupled with streamlined, Eco-friendly manufacturing processes, are at the heart of all of our premium paper products. Ensure that your guests are satisfied and impressed by supplying your business with luxurious, reliable paper products from Restaurantware.