Please Everyone By Serving Your Treats In These Cool Bamboo Dishes

Posted by Tammy on 15th Sep 2014

Are you looking for a way to please all your party guests, catering clients or bar clientele? If so, try serving up your culinary treats in these cool 3 inch bamboo dishes. These cute plates have a lot to offer any caterer, party host or bar room owner.

3 inch bamboo dish
Bamboo dishes have a lot to offer all of us.

List of what Bamboo dishes can offer to you, your guests and your food establishment.

1. 3 inch bamboo dishes are made of the finest bamboo, which makes them durable. It is super hard to crack or break these modern dishes so you can feel terrific inside because they won’t shatter while your guests are eating all the food you prepared for them.

2. These dishes measure 3 inch in length x .5 inches in height x 2.25 inches in width. They are the perfect size for snacks, mini appetizers and little desserts.

3. Bamboo dishes have a natural beauty that enhances any food setting.

4. These dishes are versatile. You can serve fruits, vegetables, cakes, cookies and many other culinary treats in them. 5. 3 inch Bamboo dishes can be tossed away, this will save you time on clean up.

Bamboo tableware is durable, beautiful, versatile and disposable so why aren’t you using it at all your parties, catering events and in your bar, hotel or restaurant establishment?