Plastic Disposable Glasses Make Dining Simpler

Posted by Catering Supplier on 1st Sep 2011

Plastic disposable glasses make dining simpler because dirty glasses are just tossed into the trash bin, not loaded into the dish washer or piled into the sink. Disposable glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also plain and ornate. Some glasses are transparent and others are opaque. Tumblers come in clear plastic and tinted plastic. They come in 9 ounce sizes through to 24 ounces.

plastic disposable glasses

The glasses often are coordinated with plastic plates clear. The designs for clear plates can be ornate like the 9 inch plate with starburst and fleur-di-lis cut crystal-look designs on the plate sold in 240 pieces. For parties where cake only is served, the 6 inch clear plate has an easy grip gentle rim. Clear plates have an elegant appeal because they closely resemble crystal or glass.

With the plates selected, the next step is to choose other accessories to match the theme of the party. Flavored tooth picks can be selected with cinnamon and can be chosen for parties serving chewy foods. There’s also strawberry, cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon. For a meat entree, you may want to use unflavored or bacon flavored. Durable nylon styles are unflavored with an angle for easy reach between the teeth.

Glasses, plates and other accessories can all be in plastic and serve a family or group well. The design can be elegant and clear for the plates, cutlery and glasses. Faux crystal-look pieces or transparent colored plastic is always an upscale look. Parties and get-togethers are made easier for the host and hostess to enjoy because afterwards clean up is so simple. Simple throw all the diningware in the trash bin and clean up is complete.