Plastic Champagne Flutes Aren’t Just For Weddings

Posted by Catering Supplier on 10th Jul 2011


Are you looking for serving plates for your wedding? If you are wondering what types of plates to use consider plastic wedding plates. Today these plates come in a variety of styles and colors and look fancy enough to use at the most formal events. To dress up your event setting chargers at each place and then having plastic plates at the buffet line is a good idea. Why rent plates when the new types of plastic are fancy enough to make any wedding beautiful. Did you know that when you rent plates you must clean them off before returning them? If any are returned chipped or broken you will need to pay the replacement cost. Avoid all these problems by using beautifully made paper plates.

You will also be needing a way to serve your wedding cake. When you see all of the colors and styles plates plastic wear have to offer you will easily be able to choose a small plate for your special cake. You may want to choose a color that matches your wedding theme or simple clear, white or silver. You may want to have napkins in the same or a contrasting color.

When it comes time for that wedding toast do not forget the plastic champagne flutes. If your guests are seated at tables you can save time and make a exciting and unique event. Ask one person at each table to open a bottle of champagne. The random popping of bottles will create a festive feel to your reception. Just make sure your guests point their bottles away from other guests.

Your wedding can be easy and beautiful by using plastic items for serving. Plastic is in style again, don’t forget to buy extras in case people want seconds.