Picking the right Soup Bowl.

Posted by Tammy on 10th Feb 2015

The perfect Soup bowl will hold both your hot and cold soup. It will be made from durable  material, a popular soup bowl on the market these days is one that is made from porcelain. For the most part, you soup bowl should be shaped and designed to fit into all kinds of party and catering settings, including your outdoor events as well as indoor ones. You should be able to use your soup bowl for more than just soup. Traditionally, a soup bowl is usually a plain round bowl, with or without a handle, but these days you will find soup bowls that come in many shapes, designs and sizes.

Two dishes that make excellent soup bowls are:

Mini Porcelain Cocotte: This little vessel measures 4.33 inches in length x 1.5 inches in height. It has a classy design and shape and fits perfectly into both outdoor and indoor party and catering events. It can be filled with your favorite soup or transformed into a dish for one of your other culinary treats. This cocotte is durable and made from the finest porcelain so it doesn’t break or crack easily.

mini porcelain cocotte
Showcase your soups in this lovely mini porcelain cocotte.

Lion Head Soup Bowl: This lovely soup bowl measures 3.9 inches in length x 2.75 inches in height. The length across the top of the bowl is 2.75 inches. It is a 6 ounce bowl. The design and shape of this porcelain dish is unique so it adds a special element to casual and upscale food displays. Lion Head Soup Bowls make eating soup and other culinary treats a fun and entertaining activity, people all over the world love using these bowls during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Many folks even use them for serving up snacks and other bar time treats, as well.

lion head bowl
Lion head bowls make the perfect soup bowl.

The main thing to look for when selecting the right soup bowl is quality, durability, uniqueness and charm, which are all features that you will find in the above bowls. So, why not check these bowls out now, your soups are waiting for the perfect home and these bowls are it.