Options for Suppiles Catering

Posted by Catering Supplier on 23rd Jun 2011

disposable bamboo

When organizing a function of any kind, it is essential to project a good image to the guests. Thoughtful and professional supplies catering can go a long way towards reinforcing the host’s credibility. The cost of catering can be quite high, so the event organizer must seek a balance between quality and affordability in the supplies consumed in the event.

Give some thought as to the location. For most low level events like office parties, some space should be cleared within the office, as there is is no sense reserving a ballroom for the company secretaries Christmas party. On the other hand, an event thrown for the company’s top customers or suppliers would surly merit a more memorable venue. Local hotels have ballrooms and can often provide sound equipment for speeches and such, as well as other facilities like bars. Although a little creative venue hunting can reveal other options like local historic houses that can provide a unique event setting and may cost less than hotel ballroom option.

One thing that is always a hit with guests is dishes involving disposable bamboo skewers. Tasty and filling dishes such as chicken or seafood kebabs can be prepared with lots of vegetable ingredients sandwiched in between the meat, creating alot of food for a low cost.

For every event, there should be a toast. Very few catering companies are likely to provide glass champagne glasses, and those that do are likely to charge a premium for their use. Plastic Champagne cups can be provided by the organizer at mere pennies a glass.

By sifting through the various options and balancing the opulence of the occasion with its relative benefit to the company, nothing can keep an event organizer from creating a memorable occasion within a reasonable budget.