New Wave Of Disposable Plates

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 17th Mar 2015

You are a caterer, a darn good one, too. Your friend asked you to cater her family reunion and you graciously accepted the task. You have lots of yummy recipes that you can serve at the event, but what about the right tableware. Oh sure, you have the tableware that you always use at catering events, but this function is different it needs something unique and special in regard to tableware.

You don’t want to go out and buy fine china because there will be lots of kids at the event, kids and china don’t really mix that well. How about using the new wave of disposable tableware? If it makes you nervous to think of using disposable plates, it shouldn’t because nowadays disposable tableware is presentable, elegant, classy and offers all the qualities you need when it comes to catering events.

med bamboo boat
A medium Bamboo boat is perfect for catering events.

In addition, disposable plates are made of eco-friendly material so you will be helping out the environment when you use this type of tableware. Bamboo, plastic and wood is some of the material that is used to make disposable plates.

These plates are also durable, which means you can put practically any food item on them. The new wave of disposable tableware can withstand outdoor elements so if the reunion is at a park or some other outdoor venue than this tableware is definitely what you should be using at the event.

shrimp med bamboo plates
Medium Bamboo Plates, great way to serve food at catering events.

Disposable plates come in many sizes, shapes and designs so you can find just the right kind of vessel to showcase all your culinary creations. You really can’t go wrong by using these kinds of plates, they are some of the best party plates on the market, these days.

The new wave of disposable plates is much better than any disposable tableware you used in the past. It is truly worth using this kind of tableware at any and all your catering events from here on out.