Mini Spoons – The Best Way To Serve Appetizers

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 21st Mar 2015

Most of the time people serve appetizers at cocktail parties and catering events because  it gives people the opportunity to mingle and carry around their food at the same time. For the most part, appetizers are small sized, which makes them a whole lot easier to carry around than a big plate of food. So, if you are the host or caterer of an event than you must come up with ways to serve smaller sized portions of food so everyone can move freely around and chat with one another.

mini bamboo spoons
Mini bamboo spoons make excellent vessels for appetizers.

This brings us to mini spoons, which is one of the best ways to serve up appetizers or other small sized culinary treats. Mini spoons come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, you can always find ones that meet your needs and the food you are serving at the event or party. Plus, many appetizer or mini spoons are disposable so you can simply throw them away after using them, which makes clean up a snap.

If you are focused on helping out the environment or should we say “going green”, then you can even find mini spoons that are 100% biodegradable and many mini spoons are made from sustainable resources. The best part about these sweet little spoons is you can use them in outdoor or indoor food settings because some of them offer charm, some elegance, but they all offer style and durability.

mini silver spoons
Mini silver spoons work great for upscale party functions.

So, if you are catering an upscale wedding or a casual backyard bar-b-que and plan to feature appetizers or bite sized desserts at your event, then remember to include mini spoons in the supplies you buy for your party. You might even want to buy a few different styles because putting a few kinds together on a table or buffet would had a unique touch to your overall party decor.