Mini Bamboo Cones – Best Way To Serve Fruits And Vegetables

Posted by Tammy on 14th Sep 2014

Do you love throwing parties? Are you a caterer looking for ways to impress your clients? Do you own a restaurant where you enjoy using contemporary serving techniques? If you answered yes to any of these questions than you must know the best way to serve your fruits and vegetables is by using modern mini bamboo cones. Yes, mini bamboo cones can hold all kinds of fruits, vegetables and a variety of other culinary treats. These cones also offer a unique contemporary touch to upscale and casual food settings so you can use them in any type of food establishment.

mini bamboo cones
Everyone should use contemporary mini bamboo cones.

A few examples of How You Can Use Mini Bamboo Cones.

Example #1. – You can serve berries, grapes, chunks of melon and almost any fruit in bamboo cones.

Example #2. – You can serve grape and cherry tomatoes in these modern serving vessels.

Example #3. – You can feature mini donuts and other types of mini desserts in mini bamboo cones.

Example # 4. – You can feature almost any mini appetizer in these chic party vessels.

Example #5. – You can put pretzel sticks in bamboo cones.

Example # 6. – You can put all kinds of snacks in mini food cones.

 A Few Qualities of a Mini Bamboo Cones

Quality #1 . – Durable

Quality #2.Charming appearance

Quality #3. – Affordable

Quality #4. – Modern design

Mini bamboo cones have many great qualities, above is only a few of them. These cones are full of great qualities and can be used for many things so take a few minutes now and order mini bamboo cones today. You will be glad you did and so will your party, restaurant and catering guests.