Meat Market Skewers Sizzle in Popularity on Miami Streets | #FashionForFood

Meat Market Skewers Sizzle in Popularity on Miami Streets | #FashionForFood

Posted by Kirstyn on 9th Nov 2015

Meat Market Miami Beach
Executive Chef Sean Brasel | Meat Market Miami Beach

In the middle of bustling Lincoln Road, located in South Beach, Miami, sits a different kind of steakhouse — Meat Market. With its luxurious lighting, modern interior, and stunning plates, the reasons behind Meat Market’s high ratings are obvious. Especially when led by talented Executive Chef Sean Brasel, it’s no wonder that this restaurant maintains its stellar reputation.


When entering Meat Market, you instantly feel warm and invited. The dim lighting and natural hues give off a pleasant — even sexy — feel. The chocolate brown tables and cream-colored seats add a rich tone to the open dining room. The red lights add warmth to the atmosphere with a modern twist. Upon entering, customers know Meat Market is not just another ordinary steakhouse.


Brasel ensures all dishes exit Meat Market’s kitchen perfectly. Consistency, style, and taste are his fortes. Inspired by modern themes, American-style food, and the grill, Brasel works to give his customers new food experiences. He also likes to give his dishes a personal touch, and he’s found that using Restaurantware customized billboard skewers are the perfect tool to accomplish this. He knows that minor details impress customers.


“People remember. Adding a little pick in [sliders, special steaks, or something that’s different] makes them feel like it’s a little bit special,” Brasel said.


Brasel has used customized picks for over five years, and uses them in all three Meat Market locations in Miami Beach, FL, Palm Beach, FL, and San Juan, PR. Each locations use Restaurantware’s customized billboard skewers for a variety of uses, in and out of the kitchen.


“I use them [customized bamboo skewers] for anything that’s a special order. So if there’s a bunch of orders of brussel sprouts in the window, or different french fries, I’ll put that one skewer for the person who wanted salt only,” said Brasel.


He, like many other chefs, find customized skewers as the most convenient, yet fashionable, way to label dishes. Whether your guests eat kosher, are sensitive to gluten, or have a severe food allergy, customized skewers can help kitchens keep organized. This also lets the customer know you made their order specially for them, and Brasel knows this.


“It’s a way of labeling the product and putting our little logo on it so that when it goes to the table, that person [who ordered a special request] knows we took the time to make the dish the way they requested it,” he said.


Although Brasel finds numerous ways to use customized bamboo skewers in-house, he also uses them at off-site events. Customized bamboo skewers helps Meat Market stand out among the crowd.


“I do a lot of special wine dinners, a lot of tasters, or any time I do off-site events, I make an open-face sandwich and put a skewer in there,” Brasel said. “Any time [I participate in] a big event with two or three thousand people, skewers really showcase what I’m doing.”


So not only do Brasel’s customers enjoy his customized skewers, but they help him advertise Meat Market to thousands of potential clientele. He enjoys marking dishes with customized skewers with his logo, because people engrain Meat Market’s name into their memory.  


Meat Market’s name travels fast in Florida and Puerto Rico, and it continues to be a staple among modern steakhouses. Not only is the food phenomenal, but Brasel’s marketing techniques also impress customers. Their billboard skewers, with the Meat Market logo, make their dishes unique, especially when serving state-of-the-art grilled masterpieces.

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