Look How Easy It Is To Make A Fancy Dessert – Recipe Included

Posted by Tammy on 28th Sep 2014

There are times in our culinary careers when we need and want to create a fancy dessert. However, some of us have a difficult time with a task of this nature, which is why every chef, cook and caterer should know about clear mini kova cups. These culinary vessels are elegant, durable and can help you create an amazing fancy dessert that people will cherish forever.

mini kova cups
Make a fancy dessert with the help of mini kova cups.

Easy Fancy Dessert Treat Ingredients:

6 (3 ounce) packages of Jell0 (you can use any flavor)

2 (8 ounce) packages of cream cheese (softened)

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

6 Tablespoons of sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla

Your favorite berries


Make a package of Jello (according to the package), pour this mixture into mini kova cups. Place these in the fridge until they are completely set.

Now, using a blender pour a package of jell-o and a package of softened cream cheese, then blend until mixture is smooth. Once you are done blending these ingredients, then gently pour into the glasses of chilled jell-o. Place cups back in the fridge to set.

Now, fix another package of jell-o and pour it into the chilled glasses, then place back in the fridge to continue chilling. Put heavy cream, sugar and vanilla in a mixing bowl, beat these ingredients until small peaks form, then put a scoop of this mixture (whipped cream) on top of each glass of chilled jell-o.

Top with your favorite berries and Serve.