Leave A Lasting Impression By Using Mini Porcelain Dishes

Posted by Tammy on 27th Feb 2014

Every chef wants and needs to leave a lasting impression on their customers and clients, one sure fire way to do this is by using attractive mini porcelain dishes. Your culinary fans are bound to love these sentimental tableware products. They are made in such a fashion that you can use them in any type of food setting, including indoor and outdoor food functions.

mini quadrato dishes
Use Mini Quadrato Porcelain Dishes and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Mini Quadrato Porcelain dishes are perfect for holiday parties, tasting events and buffet settings. For example, if you are throwing a St. Patrick’s Day party than you can put your favorite mini mousse in one of these dishes, then make a clover shaped cookie and stick it into the mousse. This makes for an elegant classy St. Patty’s Day treat. You can do this for any holiday party just use a flavored mousse and cookie that co-ordinates with a specific holiday. By putting your ingredients into a mini quadrato porcelain dish you can feel confident that the results will be remarkable because these lovely dishes will add a shiny brightness to your mousses and cookies.

mini royale porcelain dishes
Mini Royale Dishes make great tasting bowls.

Mini Royale Dishes are an excellent way to serve appetizers, desserts and soups in restaurant and catering settings. For example, you could put a vegetable bisque in one of these dishes because the warm white color of these beauties will enhance the bright hues of a vegetable bisque.

Both of the mentioned mini porcelain dishes are similar in style, they can be interchanged with each other thus you can use either of them for serving your favorite culinary treats in your restaurant, catering company and kitchens. Of course, many chefs prefer one over the other so you might just want to purchase them both so you can see how each one benefits your particular food goals.