Large Kettle Dishes – The Perfect Outdoor Catering Tableware

Posted by Tammy on 17th Mar 2014

The air is slightly changing, spring is almost here. This means many things to people, but to a lot of folks it means that outside parties will soon be in full swing. Caterers will have to start preparing to host backyard weddings, outdoor banquets and outside birthday bashes.

Outdoor parties will mean that as a caterer you will need to re-think the way you serve your delicious culinary treats. You may benefit more from using high quality plastic tableware such as durable large kettle dishes rather than using dishes made from glass. Although plastic kettle dishes can be used for both indoor and outdoor food festivities, they have many qualities that make them perfect outdoor catering dishes.

Large Kettle dishes measure 6 inches in length x 4 inches in width x 2.625 inches in height. These lovely gems are 12 ounce containers so you can feature many different types of food items in them. Large kettle dishes are black, which means they will look amazing in outdoor food settings. These pretty dishes are made of strong plastic so they are tough and durable.

Since spring is almost upon us, why not take this time to change your tableware and got yourself some chic large kettle dishes. You can order them and have them in plenty of time for spring.