Jazz Up Your Buffet With This Lovely Fruit Skewer Recipe

Posted by Tammy on 8th Sep 2014

Don’t you think it is time to jazz up your buffets? Surely, you know that every once in a while people need to see a new and improved buffet line, right? Well, I know my family and friends love it when we add something new and unique to our buffet stations, which is why I want to share this lovely fruit skewer recipe with all of you. Plus, this recipe can easily be tweaked to meet your personal desires.

bamboo canoe
Any skewer would be happy to sit on a small bamboo canoe.

Lovely Fruit Skewers Recipe – Serve the skewers in a small bamboo canoe and jazz up your buffet line even more.



Strawberries (it is best to use small sized berries)

Cheddar Cheese


Wash all your berries, if your strawberries are big sized, then cut them in bite sized chunks. Also, cut cheese into little chunks, as well. Place a blackberry on to each skewer, then place a chunk of cheese onto the skewer, then top it off with a delectable fresh strawberry chunk.

Now, place the skewer on top of a charming small bamboo canoe.

These bamboo canoes are so sweet to look at and make the perfect resting place for any type of mini skewer creation. Note: you can change this recipe by replacing any of the berries with other types of fruit.