Japanese Party Ideas

Posted by Tammy on 6th Mar 2015

Feast on a chicken Teriyaki dinner and sipping on a Japanese cocktail, you can do this by throwing a Japanese dinner party for your friends and family this week. Start the night by greeting everybody at the door by saying “welcome” or “yokoso” in Japanese.

japanese picks
Japanese picks are a must when you throw a Japanese dinner party.

Some other ideas to use during a Japanese party are:

Use this menu:

1. Appetizer – make a sushi platter, remember to include Japanese Bamboo Picks so your guests can pick up the sushi. If you have room and enough cash try hiring someone to run a sushi bar.

2. Main Dish – serve chicken teriyaki, mixed vegetables and a delicious cocktail for dinner. You can also use Japanese Bamboo Picks in your drink creations, as well.

3. Dessert- A green tea ice cream makes an excellent Japanese dessert treat.

Table Settings:

1. Bamboo tableware adds a great element to any Japanese party setting, Japanese bamboo picks can be used to add natural tones to your tablescape and a exotic personality to your food displays and cocktail creations.


1. Japanese lanterns are great for this type of party setting, plus, you could play Japanese music in the background as the party goes on through the night. If you want to create a color scheme for your party decorations, try using black, red and white, these are considered Japanese colors.

A Japanese dinner party is a unique and fun way to entertain with family and friends. It is also a great way to share Japanese food and fun in the comfort of your own home. Bamboo tableware such as Japanese picks really fit perfectly into this type of dinner party so don’t forget to incorporate them into your Japanese party environment. In addition, to using bamboo products, just remember to have a great time and enjoy this special time with the people you love.