It’s Chilly Out, Warm Up With These Two Tasty Beverages

Posted by Tammy on 30th Jan 2015

It is  chilly out so why not, warm up with these two tasty beverage recipes. Great drinks to serve in classy plastic cups at a party, catering event or in any restaurant setting.

Delectable Bourbon Toddy Recipe, a great way to warm up on a chilly day. This drink becomes even more glorious when you serve it up in classy double walled plastic cups. The uniqueness of the cups add to the elegance of the drink, you just can’t go wrong by serving this tasty drink recipe in a modern chic double walled cup.

double walled cups
These cups make the perfect beverage containers.

Ingredients you will need:

Maker’s Mark, 1 ounce per drink

Cointreau, 1/2 ounce per drink

Hot Prepared Chai Tea, fresh is best, 1 ounce per drink

Bitters, a splash for each drink

Honey, a little bit per drink


Make Chai Tea, pour about 1 ounce of it in a cocktail shaker, add remaining ingredients, stir thoroughly and dump into a sleek double walled plastic cup. Serve.

Another hot beverage recipe that will warm your heart and soul is this delightful Easy Apple Cider Drink.

cafe cup
Doesn’t this pretty seagreen cafe cup look sensational filled up with a tasty beverage?

This recipe is yummy and looks extremely classy served up in pretty Seagreen Cafe cups.

Ingredients you will need:

Apple Cider, 1/8 ounce per drink

Cinnamon Sticks, about half of a stick per drink

Allspice, 1/8 teaspoon per drink

Whole Cloves, 1/8 teaspoon per drink

Brown Sugar, about 2 teaspoons per drink


Put a saucepan on the stove top, add the apple cider, cinnamon sticks and heat them up. Now, wrap the allspice and cloves in a piece of cheesecloth, throw it into the cider. Now, add the brown sugar and let mixture come to a boil, take off heat and serve in charming cafe cups.

Go ahead,  warm up from the chilly weather by making these easy chilly day drinks.