How To Pick The Right Plastic Glasses For Your Wedding.

Posted by Tammy on 4th Feb 2015

Are you about to get married? Have you decided to use plastic tableware during your reception? If you answered yes to these questions, then it must be time to pick out the right plastic glasses for your wedding day. There are several options when it comes to this type of glassware, but here are some tips that will help you make a decision that will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

incline shot glass
Desserts look elegant and classy served in incline shot glasses.

Tips for picking out plastic glasses for your wedding.

1. You could use Cannello shot glasses or seagreen incline shot glasses as dessert dishes. These glasses add an elegant unique touch to small sized desserts and appetizers.

2. Medium Martini Glasses and Aperitif Glasses make excellent vessels for cocktails, these glasses are durable and hold up perfectly in any wedding setting.

3. There are also many other types of cocktails glasses that can help your day become the greatest day of your life, a few of them are Cannello Cocktail Glasses, Tall Cocktail Glasses and Calice Wine Glasses.

edge glass
This pretty glass fits perfectly in any wedding.

4.Don’t forget glasses for people who don’t drink alcohol. A few glasses that make great juice or soda containers are Bevada Glasses, Edge Glasses or an Incline Glass.

5. Another glass that is a must for weddings is a durable plastic cafe cup, these glasses are just right for serving coffee, tea and much more.

There are many plastic glasses on the market, the best way to find the perfect glassware for your wedding is to first decide how many you did of a glass, then decide how you will be using the glasses. Once you have made these decisions visit Restaurantware because you are sure to find high quality glasses that will fit perfectly with your wedding reception decor.