How To Establish Relationships with Your Customers | #FashionForFood

How To Establish Relationships with Your Customers | #FashionForFood

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 7th Dec 2015


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Customers are the building blocks of hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, food trucks, and any other similar businesses.  Thus, it is important to build strong relationships between you and your guests. There are many great tips and tricks to establishing and maintaining a close relationship with every customer.

Ask yourself: who is my customer? Well, more than likely, your customer is human – and you are too.  So there’s no advantage into turning into a people-pleasing robot. Stay human. Realizing that your customers are people too will help you approach them in a way they can relate to. Your personality will shine to your customers with ease when you approach them in a personal manner. They will appreciate your warm greeting and the unique interaction you have instead of the standard experience.  Being genuine will create a strong basis for a lasting customer relationship and will only build your credibility and reliability.

To build and maintain stable customer relationships, you have to know your customer. Take the time to research and analyze who your customers are so you can target that specific audience. Also, when you meet individual customers, strive to remember their names. This will show that you are putting effort into actually knowing customers instead of just exchanging words. Generic customer service will not entice customers to come back regularly. They can go anywhere to be treated as “just another customer,” it is your responsibility to get to know them. This will improve your customer relationships and will build a foundation for returning customers.

Always be honest with customers, no matter the situation. Your customers will see through any lies you try to tell them to lighten a problem or to make your company look better when issues arise. Your customers will appreciate and respect your transparency, and will expect your honesty the next time they are using your services. This builds trust between you and your customer and this bond will have a lasting impact. If your customer catches you in a lie, then this bond can easily break and most likely would never be reconstructed again. These issues can be detrimental to your business.

When your business makes a mistake (it’s only a matter of time before it happens), acknowledging those errors is important. Admitting your mistakes will let the customer know you’re not just ignoring their complaints. No company is perfect. All you can do is admit when you are wrong and vow to correct your faults. Although your customer may still be angry, ensuring that you will work on any flaws is more effective than making up excuses and ignoring the problems. There’s only one way to keep your business moving forward – improving your flaws.

Another way to ensure your relationships are strong is to involve your customers. You can easily do this by planning and holding different events to engage customers of all ages. Getting an event planning group together could fill your calendar up with popular occasions, creating a community for your customers and will keep them interested in your products and services.  Not only could this boost your customer relations, but it is also fun for both you and your clients. These events can include private parties, holiday-themed gatherings, fundraisers, and many more. Events are also a great tool to use when opening new areas or offering new products, because they can give customers a first-look and advertise your business. People love interaction and hosting events is just one way you can get your customers involved.

Communicating effectively with customers across many mediums is another sure-way to establish and maintain relationships. When you broaden your communication horizons, you reach many more customers of different generations. Social networking is crucial in today’s marketing world. The number of people you can reach out to is unlimited. Thus, keeping your social networking profiles up-to-date and paying attention to them at least a little bit every day will surely make a lasting impression. Your customers will also find your social networking profiles a reliable resource, so that can easily be another way for you to communicate. Social networking sites can also be a great platform for you to advertise or get news out to your customers. So, don’t hesitate to buff up your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking profiles!

Feedback is crucial in improving not only your company, but also your company’s connection with the community. You always need to make sure your clients’ voices are heard, especially when they are criticizing an issue with your business. Instead of taking comments personally, use customer feedback as advice to make positive changes. Making sure every customer is satisfied is crucial when running a successful business. Thus, you want to do everything you can to gather as much feedback as possible. You can do this in many ways, such as conducting surveys and questionnaires and using them to your advantage. These can be very powerful tools in building and keeping customer relationships.

Lastly, a vital step in establishing concrete customer relationships is to keep in contact. You don’t want a relationship to just die after your client leaves your hotel, restaurant, event, or other establishment. Customers will appreciate your ongoing effort to establishing the relationship between you two. This will help establish regular customers, which could increase traffic in the long run when your customers influence their friends and so on. Dedicated customers are the backbone of every business, and you can keep this foundation strong by maintaining contact.

Establishing customers takes time and practice, but it is well worth it in the end. This will create a stable foundation for your company’s future. Individual clients are all different, so it is important to treat them personally. Just follow our simple tricks and guidelines and your customers will surely be impressed with your customer service!


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