How To Display Your Dessert Cone Creations.

Posted by Tammy on 21st Feb 2015

Have you been trying to find a way to display all those dessert cones you have been creating in your bakery or restaurant? If so, you came to the right place, try using Restaurantware’s Bamboo Cone Stands. These modern chic cone stands will get the attention of all the people who come into your food establishment. They also make excellent homes for any type of cone treat.

crescent cone stand
Crescent Bamboo Cone Stands look fashionable and stylish.

There are several kinds of cone stands at like the charming Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand, the classy Oblong Cone Stand, the unique Full Moon Cone Stand and more. Each cone stand has its own special features and qualities.

Crescent Bamboo Cone Stand is created with a charming crescent shaped design. It has 5 slots that will hold your cones securely and fashionably. This is a durable stand that can truly enhance the look of any food display.

Oblong Cone Stand has an oblong shape, it is equipped with 20 slots. This stand looks amazing on buffets or in the middle of tables as a centerpiece. It is a sturdy well built stand that adds a modern touch to food presentations.

bamboocone stand
Bamboo Cone Stands offer a depth of character to any food diplay.

Full Moon Cone Stand has circular form, it is equipped with ten slots. This cool stand adds an extra depth to any type  of food display, it makes an amazing centerpiece. In addition, the durability of this stand is bound to please you and your guests.

Many caterers, restaurant owners and pastry chefs are beginning to get many requests for cones filled with culinary goodies so if you work or own a food establishment than you really need to get your hands on modern bamboo cone stands. These stands are the best way to showcase any kind of food cone, so if you’re featuring cones in your restaurant, bakery or catering event make sure to showcase the cones in a modern day bamboo cone stand.