Hope You Enjoy This Delicious And Quick Chicken Gumbo Recipe

Posted by Tammy on 13th Oct 2014

Hope you enjoy this delicious and quick chicken and sausage gumbo recipe. It is full of yummy flavors and is very easy to make for parties, catering events or even in a restaurant setting. You and your party guests are bound to go crazy over this gumbo served up in gorgeous white porcelain cocotte dishes.

White Porcelain Cocotte Dishes are stylish, they add a modern flair to buffets and sit-down meals.

white porcelain cocotte
Look how lovely a gumbo, soup or stew looks in these amazing white porcelain Cocotte dishes.

Delicious Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Recipe


1 pound smoked sausage (cut into about 1/2 inch slices)

10 Tablespoons of flour (all-purpose flour works best)

2 cups of onions (coarsely chopped)

2 cups of celery (coarsely chopped)

4 cloves of garlic (pressed with a garlic press or chopped fine)

2 medium sized green bell pepper (coarsely chopped)

4 cups of chicken broth 2 (28 ounce) cans of diced tomatoes

2-3 teaspoons of Creole seasoning

8 cups of cooked chicken (chopped)

Hot cooked rice


Put sausage in a dutch oven and cook over a high heat for about five minutes, then drain it and put it on a paper towel lined plate.

Add a little oil into the drippings that are in the dutch oven, try to have about 3 Tablespoons of oil in the pan at this point (including the drippings and oil), then whisk the flour into the oil, stirring constantly for about five minutes.

Add onion, green bell pepper, celery and garlic to pan and cook these ingredients for about five minutes, stirring constantly. Stir in chicken broth, Creole seasoning and tomatoes, then bring mixture to a boil, once it begins to boil cook it for about five minutes.

Add sausage and chicken, then cook for another five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Put a scoop of your hot rice in a lovely white porcelain Cocotte dish, then top the rice with some of your tasty gumbo and Serve.