Highlights Of Black Wave Spoons Plus Easy Amuse Bouche Recipe

Posted by Tammy on 30th Oct 2014

There are many reasons why you should incorporate black wave spoons into your restaurant, catering or home dining functions. These beautiful spoons add a personality to the overall feel and look of any meal or party setting, they also add a modern flair to any catering event and black wave spoons have an classy design so you can use them in upscale or casual restaurant settings.

Black wave spoons measure 5 inches in length x .25 inches in height x 1.5 inches in width, which means they work perfectly for mini desserts, little appetizers and any amuse bouche creation. These spoons are affordable, high quality disposable spoons so everyone can benefit from them. Plus, the loveliness and classiness of these spoons will bring just the right touch to any party, restaurant or catering environment.

There are many recipes that you can serve up on elegant black wave spoons, below you will find one tasty recipe that works well in many food settings.

black wave spoon
Beautiful black wave spoons work perfectly in any type of party, restaurant or catering setting.

Tasty Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail


32 large shrimp (large shrimp work best for this recipe) – peel and devein shrimp

6 Tablespoons of tomato paste

2/3 cup of water

2 ounces of vodka

5 teaspoons of lemon juice (fresh juice is best)

1 teaspoon of horseradish (prepared horseradish)

1/4 teaspoon of sugar

salt and pepper (for taste)

a dash or two of cayenne pepper

2 jalapeno peppers, sliced and seeded (you can use jalapeno peppers from a jar)


Using a whisk, blend together tomato paste and water in mixing bowl, then add vodka, horseradish, sugar and lemon juice. Now, whisk all these ingredients until thoroughly combined, season with salt, pepper and cayenne. Remember to add just a little cayenne at a time, then taste to see if you have the flavor that you are looking for in the sauce.

Now, add a scoop of sauce to your attractive black wave spoon, then top the sauce with a shrimp and a jalapeno pepper. Of course, if you don’t look the taste of jalapeno peppers you can omit them from the recipe. I believe this recipe taste great with or without them and realize some people don’t like spicy recipes so this step is completely up to you. Hope you enjoy this tasty recipe and serve it up in pretty black wave spoons tonight.