High Tide: Demand for Certified Sustainable Seafood On the Rise

18th Jul 2017

Every business leader in the food service industry, understands the importance of leveraging dynamic consumer preferences for profit performance. Competition is stiff, the need for change is constant, and capitalizing on industry nuances can be a puzzling challenge. It is no longer enough to offer delicious food at a compelling price. As consumers become more educated and concerned with environmental impact and sustainable, Eco-friendly efforts, so must you.

Global efforts in the past decades made by Greenpeace, the World Ocean Review, Seafood Watch and others have exposed harmful fishing processes, highlighted sustainable fishing efforts, and supported the long term sustainability of fish and seafood in our oceans and lakes.

Consumers have taken notice and statistical trends for their evolving preferences have taken shape. Coupled with the desire, for lean, nutritious, and delicious fish and seafood entrees, consumers want sustainably sourced, ocean-friendly processes to be enforced before they say bon appetit.

Last year, the State of Sustainability Initiatives reported that the market for certified sustainable seafood has almost reached $12 billion. This accounts for 14% of the global market, up from 1% merely 10 years ago. During that time, Harvard Health Publications slayed the myth that farm-raised salmon was inferior to wild caught in providing Omega-3 acids.

With the boom of prepared seafood meals, including meal kits, consumers are more likely to experiment with seafood in their own homes. Consumers who were once reluctant to prepare and eat seafood are overcoming obstacles for the non repudiated health benefits. Positioning your business to be aligned with this growing desire for certified sustainable seafood, will ensure that you are maximizing your customer base, supporting ocean and lake healthy efforts, and demonstrating leadership for this necessary cause.

At Restaurantware, our Eco-friendly efforts span beyond that of our minimized carbon footprint manufacturing and sustainable resource and material selection. More than premium tableware and equipment supply, we are invested in contributing to global efforts and awareness about sustainable food resources, encouraging healthy eating habits, and supporting like-minded businesses in the food service industry.