Here Is The Easiest Party Appetizer Recipe You Can Make

Posted by Tammy on 25th Sep 2014

Everyone needs a tasty and easy appetizer recipe when they are throwing a big or small party, which is why you should put this party appetizer recipe in your recipe box. It tastes great, but the best part is you can easily substitute many of the ingredients in the recipe. This means you can make this tasty treat with items you have in your fridge or pantry.

This Easy Party Appetizer Recipe turns out excellent every time you make it, especially if you serve it on high quality 6 inch bamboo paddle skewers. These skewers enhance all the ingredients that are used in this recipe. Plus, these skewers are durable, affordable and look sensational in any type of party setting.

6 inch paddle skewer
Look at how amazing these ingredients look on a charming bamboo paddle skewer.

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe



Mozzarella Cheese

Red Bell Pepper


Cut Red Bell Peppers into small chunks, also cut mozzarella cheese into small chunks. Now, alternating between the three ingredients place a chunk of pepper, then an olive, then a piece of cheese onto the paddle skewer.

Remember you can use a combination of ingredients to create this tasty skewer recipe. For example: If you don’t have red peppers in your kitchen, try using a different vegetable like a cucumber or another kind of pepper. In addition, if you don’t have mozzarella cheese on hand, try using cheddar cheese, brie or horseradish cheese. Furthermore, if you don’t have olives, try putting some type of pickle or chunk of boiled egg on the skewer.

Bamboo Paddle Skewers can help you create a fast and enjoyable party appetizer anytime of the year, get them today.