Grilled Lobster Appetizer Recipe Featured On Quality Paddle Skewers

Posted by Tammy on 24th Sep 2014

Grilled lobster is a real treat, people all over the world would say lobster is the best and tastiest culinary treat ever. This grilled lobster appetizer recipe is so tasty, your taste buds will surely thank you for preparing this delicious treat. You can make this grilled lobster even greater by featuring it on quality paddle skewers.

bamboo paddle skewers
Bamboo Paddles skewers enhance the appearance of any type of appetizer.

Delicious Grilled Lobster Recipe Featured On Quality Paddle Skewers


4 pounds of tasty lobster meat

Bamboo paddle skewers

Olive oil


Let your lobster come to room temperature, then take the meat out of the lobster shell (you can do this by using a scalpel, tearing it out or pulling it out by your hand). Slice lobster meat into bite sized pieces. Make sure your grill is hot, but not to hot because if you cook the lobster meat to fast it will be tough.

Now, you can either prepare the skewers, then put the meat on them or you can place the meat directly on the grill and cook it. If you choose to simply place and cook the meat directly on the grill, once it is cooked take the meat off of the grill and put it on high quality bamboo paddle skewer.

You really should try this tasty and yummy lobster treat, but be prepared once you taste it you will want to make it over and over again.