“Going Green” With ECO-Friendly Bamboo Tableware

Posted by Catering Supplier on 9th Sep 2010

By Kara Mae Adamo

At long last, “going green” has become trendy. Companies like Clorox Bleach are coming out with their own lines of eco-friendly cleaning products. Organic foods that don’t use dangerous pesticides have begun popping up all over the place. And while shopping centers like Publix and Whole Foods have started providing cloth, re-usable alternatives to the original “paper or plastic” bag options at the check-out counter, bottled water companies like Fiji have begun using up to 30% less plastic and now advertise an admirable negative carbon footprint. The world is finally “going green,” and not a moment too soon. The environmentally responsible craze has not only affected existing establishments, but has given rise to new companies looking to craft their entire business off of what is sure to be the most beneficial “fad” yet.

Restaurantware, a new company based out of Chicago, now advertises bio-degradable tableware; a new ecologically and environmentally sound approach to the traditional plastic and Styrofoam options. Their designs are as beautifully crafted as they are recyclable and inexpensive. A stylish take on conventional dinnerware, restaurantware.com provides a variety of options for any special occasion. From conventional bio-degradable bamboo cutlery to specialized aperitif glasses for deserts and plastic champagne flutes to complete that special toast, they have everything you need for the perfect dining experience. Bamboo lattes, appetizer boats, and coupelles of many sizes are also available to provide just the right presentation for each course. Products come in 100-500 count packages and generally range between $30-100, so those who are eco-savvy can provide a place for as many people as needed without paying the high prices typically required for such occasions and without sacrificing on quality. You can finally be kind to the Earth without burning a hole through your pocket, all the while creating the perfect ambiance for your special occasion.

Restaurantware.com is answering the growing demand of businesses and consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle by offering environmentally-friendly bio-degradable tableware, plastic champagne flutes and plastic wine glasses for events, business meetings, wedding parties and more. For more information or to view the complete catering supplies line, please visit www.restaurantware.com.

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