Get Upscale Classy Tableware For Your Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

Posted by Tammy on 8th May 2012

An Annual Shareholder Meeting Event is put on for many reasons including things like: electing the Board of Directors, allowing Shareholders to go over annual reports and allowing Shareholders the chance to see new products that will be offered in the coming year. These types of meetings mostly fall into two categories. One part of the meeting falls into the category of all business. However, many people who have shareholder meeting also have a dinner and entertainment after all the business is accomplished at event. This means that the second part of a Shareholder Meeting falls into the category of fun and entertaining.

If you’ve been chosen to cater an Annual Shareholders Meeting Event you need to remember that you will be part of the fun and entertaining part. In addition, you must serve upscale classy dishes to all the people who attend the meeting. Another thing you must do is visit so you can purchase fun, classy and upscale tableware. The fact is the tableware that you choose will be important because it will help add to the overall ambience of the entertainment.

You can find a lot of great items at Restaurantware. One item that will help you achieve your goal is the Alato Tasting Dishes. You can get these dishes in Seagreen, Black or White thus they will fit into any color scheme. In addition, they look fantastic especially when placed with the Bamboo Clear Acrylic Skewers. These skewers are fun and classy looking thus the perfect product for this kind of event.

Bamboo  Clear Acrylic Skewers
Try using Classy Skewers like Clear Bamboo Acrylic Skewers

Of course, you probably will need some cups, too. Thankfully, you can also get them at, as well. One cup that will look great at a meeting of this nature is the Mini Café Cup. These also can be purchase in Seagreen, Black or White. In addition, they look classy, yet fun and charming.

Medium Acrylic Cones
Charmingly Fun Mini Cafe Cups


The point is as a caterer you will need to add a little fun and class to the entertainment part of the annual shareholders meeting thus you really should visit Restaurantware for all your catering needs so you can pull this event off successfully.